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Meet the Band

Even though change is a constant, it can still be utterly terrifying. Things you know and find security in fade away, replaced by new and unfamiliar scenarios--it's enough to keep you up at night, especially if you're Michigan metalcore outfit Change Is. Don't let the chuckle-inducing name fool you--Change Is are masters at depressive, devastatingly heavy metalcore with hints of groovy, catchy nu-metal to boot. Reigning as Michigan's resident sad boys since 2013, Change Is are finally beginning to expand their depressing dominion across America's heavy music underground--making them a band any enthusiast of -core music should be familiar with. 

Formed in 2012, Change Is kept a low profile until they had a complete lineup and enough material to begin making rounds in Michigan's bustling metalcore community. 2013 saw much more than the band's first shows, however--as they released their debut EP, Shadows Past, in September. Shadows Past kickstarted Change Is' momentum enough to begin expanding their reach past the Lansing area, playing shows in just about every corner of the state. The success achieved by their debut EP was far from fulfilling for the band, however; 2014 saw them sticking true to their driving DIY work ethic while still making plenty of live appearances in the state. Early 2015 saw the band heading back into the studio to record their debut full-length album, Insomnia. A much more mature release than Shadows Past, Insomnia reached deep within the haunted psyche of the band to bring 10 tracks of tortured, intense and emotional metalcore. Insomnia sent the band's marginal local fame skyrocketing, allowing them to tour the Midwest in support of it's release, as well as serving as the foundation for a successful partnership with Defiled Management. With 2015's door closing and 2016's open and inviting, Change Is are refusing to slow down--planning for more shows, more material and a growing presence both within their own scene and the packed Midwestern heavy music scene, it would be wise to get to know this crushing quartet. Change Is coming, and these boys are bringing it.

Listen to our album Insomnia HERE


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